Painting for Beginners: Satisfy your Inner Artist

Painting for beginners can be a lot of fun and satisfying. It is often seen as an art form, but painting for beginners has the potential to be just as creative and unique. Let’s explore painting in general, the different painting styles, painting techniques that you can use, painting supplies, and painting tips for beginners.

Painting materials you need

Painting can often be done with a variety of painting materials. The type of material you’ll need depends on the kind of painting project you’re working on. Here’s a list of some materials which are common for new painters:


The paints themselves – oil-based, watercolor paint tubes, acrylic painting, or tempera painting.

Painting palette

This is a flat surface on which you store your paints and mix them together to create colors that are right for the painting. A paint pad will also work as an alternative if you prefer not to use one of these surfaces.


Paintbrushes come in all shapes and sizes, some are large and flat with a sharp edge. Others look like tiny paint rollers for delicate detail work on miniatures or eggshells. The variety really depends on the type of painting you’re embarking upon!

Paint rags

These are just pieces of fabric that you can use to clean your brushes off with between painting sessions. It’s important not to store paint on your brush for too long, as this may ruin it!

Painting surface

A painting needs a surface to be seen. Paintings are most often created on canvas, paper, or any other type of board that can withstand the wear and tear from creating art over time.

Forms of Paint

Paints have different properties and results that you might want to use depending on the type of painting project:

  • Oil paints – these are good to use when you want layers. They dry in a certain way, so they don’t mix together too much when you put more on top of them.
  • Watercolor paintings – these paints are great for painting with thin layers, and will also dry within a few hours. The essential ingredients include pigment (the color), gum Arabic (to bind it together and add viscosity) mixed with distilled water for thinning out the mixture, so you get better control over how much pigment goes into the painting.
  • Acrylic paints –¬†Acrylics dry faster which is great if it’s something you need to be done quickly; however, once dried these colors tend not as vibrant when compared against oils where color usually appears richer since the thicker consistency creates better light absorption properties while also allowing layers of rich texture on top of each other without mixing together too much.
  • Tempera paint – This type of paint has oil in addition to pigment, so you get more vivid colors and mixes easier than just using paints on their own like acrylics would require you to do when mixing them together yourself (not as good).

If you’re just beginning painting for beginners, it recommends starting with an acrylic painting kit, which includes the painting materials that are needed. It’ll make it easy to have everything in one place!

Painting Techniques – what’s best for painting beginners?

There are many painting techniques that you can use, but some painting styles suit a beginner more than others. The following painting instructions will provide suggestions on which painting technique to use, depending on the desired result:

Impressionist Painting

This effect is achieved by using light brushstrokes and dark colors in short dabs together.

Pointillism painting

This painting technique is achieved by using dots of colors to create an image. It creates a nice sense of movement in paintings, which makes it perfect for scenes that contain things like water, clouds or leaves blowing around!

Cartoon painting

This is usually defined as being drawn with simple lines and basic shapes. It’s a painting style that is great for beginners because the lines are so simple and clear.

Fauvism painting

This painting technique uses bright colors, which can create stunning results!

Abstract painting

These paintings may not tell a story, but they do have meaning to them. They usually use shapes or patterns of color in an interesting way to create a painting that can be interpreted in different ways.

Impressionist painting

It is perfect for beginners because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to change colors very often, so the paint stays fresh longer!

Watercolor painting

Watercolor painting on paper or canvas is good if you’re interested in doing paintings with thinner layers, which are fast-drying.

Oil painting

Oil painting on canvas is a painting technique that’s better suited for painting with layers that will dry in a certain way, allowing more paint to go over it without mixing too much and ruining the painting.

Acrylic painting

This is good for painting with more textures and creating paintings that have the potential to be interpreted in different ways.

Painting Tips for Beginners

Here are some painting tips that will make painting for beginners much easier, and more enjoyable!

  • Keep a painting journal to keep track of what you’ve done so far – this way you won’t have to continually start over if something goes wrong.
  • Try to learn the different painting styles first before picking up a paintbrush and getting started painting.
  • Paintings can be done in a variety of painting styles, like watercolor painting, oil painting, and acrylic painting. All three create different types of paintings that are good for beginners!


Painting for beginners is a great way to satisfy your inner artist, explore different styles of art and techniques in order to be creative. With the right supplies and some helpful tips, you will have no trouble painting from scratch or creating beautiful masterpieces! Remember that it doesn’t matter what level painter you are…just go ahead and paint!


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