M5 Health Online

M5 HEALTH ONLINE is a new online health and wellness program designed to encourage men to access relevant health information and interactive health risk assessments, supported by professional ongoing support and advice. This online tool not only educates men about their health, but also gives them the opportunity to alter their behaviour and improve their health status.

M5 HEALTH ONLINE provides clear and concise information on diseases and conditions, as well as wellness and lifestyle issues. M5 HEALTH ONLINE features a range of interactive programs that provide help and support if you want to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, maintain a work-life balance, reduce your stress levels or improve resilience.

Who is it for?

Men of all ages can access the information they need to better manage their health, prevent future illness, and live healthier, happier lives. The program is suitable for employers and human resource departments in the workplace that are keen to provide their staff with an engaging and interactive employee wellness program, that puts men in control of their own health and wellbeing, which can benefit morale and productivity in the workplace.

How it works

M5 HEALTH ONLINE is tailored to the individual, so you can receive information that is specific to your age and health risk assessment, to assist you to make appropriate lifestyle changes that can have a real impact on your health.

  • Each individual is invited to log into the M5 HEALTH ONLINE site where they can enter in personal health information into a Health Risk Assessment tool or ‘personal profiler’
  • Information collected includes age, weight, health conditions, topics of interests and, if known, health data such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other test results
  • It’s quick, easy and confidential
  • An immediate, personalised response is received: A detailed and unique health status report is created that includes suggestions and advice on how to further improve their health, and areas of potential concern.

Detailed and unique health status report

  • The report is not a stand alone experience. Data can be entered multiple times and the report allows for trending and graphing of data captured
  • Based on their personal profile, each person will be offered a set of follow up modules that are of relevance to the health risks and lifestyle challenges identified
  • The user experience of the site is then personalised, based on information gathered in the profile.

Why should I be part of this program

M5 HEALTH ONLINE will help you make positive changes. Each individual is offered a personalised, supported program to help them make positive changes.

M5 HEALTH ONLINE features a range of interactive programs that provide help and support covering:

  • weight loss
  • fitness
  • quitting smoking
  • maintaining a work-life balance
  • stress management

How do I sign up?

Talk to your employer or human resources department to consider offering the M5 HEALTH ONLINE program to staff at your workplace.

We can tailor a workplace health risk assessment and employee wellness program to suit the needs of your workplace.

To speak with an M5 Project representative or request more information, including a comprehensive information kit, email info@m5project.com.au or call 03 8699 0447.