Getting Your Driving Licence When You Are Disabled

There are many people who have to deal with disabilities and not everyone has the opportunity to be able to drive. Getting a driving license is usually something that can be achieved, but there are some things you need to do before being able-bodied.

People who drive with disabilities

Disabilities can take many forms, from congenital defects to stroke. The term disability as defined by most dictionaries is any physical limitation a person may have regardless of the cause or mechanism that led to it.

Driving With A Temporary Physical Disability

You might not be able to control a vehicle if you have an injury that requires the use of both hands or feet. For example, even with one hand free, it is difficult for someone who has only arm mobility to turn a steering wheel without using their other hand as well. It can also get cumbersome when your cast prevents you from reaching all the way across your body and pressing pedals on either side in order to shift gears properly

Disabilities such as broken arms/legs may make driving unsafe despite being permitted by law because they affect how much ease there will be operating controls- like turning wheels while shifting gear. Consult with a doctor about whether this complication should prohibit driving all together.

Driving With A Permanent Physical Disability

With a bit of creativity and effort, people with disabilities can still drive. They must meet the same requirements as drivers without any impairments but will need to provide medical reports that show they are safe to drive.

Many individuals who have been diagnosed with a disability such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida may be eligible for issuance of driver’s license in their state if it is deemed by competent physicians that there is no significant risk posed to safety while driving; this also applies retroactively where an individual has already had his/her license before acquiring said impairment(s). In order for someone under these circumstances to obtain either a learner permit or full licensure, he/she too would typically be required like anyone else not afflicted with any disability to complete the respective state’s application form, take a driving examination and fulfill other requirements.

How To Apply For A Learner Permit?

To apply for a learner permit, you must be at least 16 years of age if you intend to drive a car and 18 years old if you plan on riding motorcycles. You will have to complete an application in which notifies VicRoads of any serious or chronic medical condition that may affect your fitness to drive. It is also important that those who are disabled disclose this information because it can help determine the best adaptive equipment needed before driving.

How To Apply For A Probationary Driver Licence?

To apply for a probationary driver’s license in Victoria, you must be at least 18 years of age and have held your learner permit for a minimum period of time. If you obtained your learner permit before 1 July 2007, there are different requirements depending on what year or birth date range applies to the applicant. For those with permits from 1997-2006 they will need six months’ worth of experience as learners; if born after 2006 but prior to 2011 it’s three months, and finally all 2012+ applicants only require one month.

To get a driver’s license, you have to take the Hazard Perception Test and an on-road test. You also need to fill out a form that tells VicRoads about any disabilities or medical conditions which could affect your ability to drive safely. Once approved by them, they will give you another document detailing what modifications are required for your vehicle so it is legal for driving purposes in Victoria.


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