Get involved

You can be the one to break the cycle! Start by making your health a priority, not something you keep putting off.

As a start, men can take five preventive steps:

  • Share your family history with your GP
  • Know your healthy weight
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Stop smoking – it’s the only health option
  • Maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body

Print off one of these posters and put it up in your lunch room, office, club room or workplace and spread the message – it will only take five minutes!

Encourage your father, son, brother, friend or partner to talk about their health with you, another friend or a GP.

Spread the word about this useful website.

Print off this brochure which explains the range of regular health checks that are recommended at different ages in a man’s life.

M5 Project health check flyer (PDF 378KB)

Print off and complete your own quick health self-assessment questionnaire and take it to your GP to discuss on your next visit. You can also send this link to a friend and encourage them to do the same.

M5 Mens health check questionnaire (PDF 82KB)

Amaze your friends by myth-busting their beliefs about smoking! Download the M5 Project’s Smoking brochure here or email to a friend.

M5 Project’s myth-busting Smoking brochure (PDF 1MB)