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9 Fun Places to Take Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

If you want to make your girlfriend’s birthday one that she will never forget, then this blog post is for you. We are going to explore fun places that you can take her on her special day. These include restaurants, parks, and more!

Fancy Restaurant

You can take your girlfriend to a nice restaurant for her birthday. She will appreciate the gesture and you can expect that she’ll love whatever meal you choose. A great place would be at an Italian or French Restaurant where they serve fine dishes of those cuisines, such as spaghetti with meatballs and creme brulee. Just make sure that you can afford the meal!


Another fun place to take your girlfriend is the park. Hiking is a great idea, as it will allow for some exercise and bonding time between you and her. You can also bring along a picnic so that after she gets hungry, she’ll be able to eat and not have to wait until dinner!

The Town

What about a nice day out on the town? If you are both fans of museums, then consider checking one out. There are so many different kinds around the world that even if your girlfriend has been to several in her lifetime already, there’s still more to see!

Improv Comedy or Stand-up

Taking your girlfriend to a comedy show can be a great idea for her birthday. She will probably laugh the whole time and you can learn more about each other through observing how she reacts to certain jokes or topics.

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Improv comedy shows are very common, but if your girlfriend isn’t into that, then consider checking out stand-up comedians instead! There are several touring comics that have shows across the country.

The Mountains, Lake or Ocean

If your girlfriend likes nature, then consider taking her to go camping or hiking in the mountains, by a lake or at the beach. There is no better way than spending time in nature together and getting fresh air!

The Zoo

If your girlfriend likes animals, then she will probably love going to the zoo with you on her birthday. You don’t have to just stick to the normal, well-known zoos either. There are lots of exotic animal parks around that you can check out together like Paws Down Wildlife Center.

The Arcade, Laser Tag or Paintball

If your girlfriend is competitive, then she might enjoy playing some games at the arcade or laser tag. You can bond with her and have a lot of fun as well! There are also paintball courses available for you two to go play on if that’s more your speed.

Getting Ice Cream Together

No matter what age you and your girlfriend are, this is always a fun option. You can go to the ice cream shop together and choose your favorite flavors while sharing them with each other. Even if there are low calorie options available, don’t be surprised if she really loves this idea!

Take Her Out to Sydney

If you have a budget then taking her to Sydney to experience the city night lights and have a nice dinner is something she will love! It may be far away from home, but it’s definitely worth the trip. Book your trip with a luxurious coach and hire like so you and your girlfriend can experience the city and the nearby areas in style.

It’s also worth noting here how important it is to choose something that she likes! Don’t take your girlfriend somewhere if there isn’t a good chance she’ll enjoy herself. You don’t want to ruin her special day! Enjoy!


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