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A Guide to Visiting Perth With Friends

Perth is a city in Western Australia, and visiting it with friends can be an unforgettable experience. There are many things to do in Perth for visitors, so you will never run out of ideas. In this article, we will discuss visiting places in Perth as well as some other tips that might make your time there more enjoyable!

Tourist Attractions in Perth

Perth has a wide range of places to visit that are guaranteed to make your trip memorable. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include visiting Kings Park, which includes more than 400 hectares (about 1000 acres) and many gardens and trails; going on a Rottnest Island tour, where you will see many native animals and plants; visiting the Perth Zoo, where you can witness a variety of rare species from around the world that have been rescued from extinction such as tigers, pandas or elephants; visiting Fremantle Prison to learn about Australia’s early history and famous prisoners like John Boyle O’Reilly or Louisa Collins.

Visit Many of the Gorgeous Beaches

One of the best perks of living in Perth is its beaches, which are just a short drive away. Some of the most popular ones include Scarborough beach, Cottesloe Beach and City Beach. The water in Perth is generally very clear so visiting beaches there can be an enjoyable experience for everyone who loves to go swimming or snorkeling!

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Be Mindful About Wildlife

There are many animals that call Perth home, including dolphins and whales. In fact, visiting the Dolphin Discovery Centre to watch these beautiful creatures is another popular tourist attraction in Perth! Just make sure you are not feeding them or trying to get too close as this can be dangerous for both humans and animals alike.

Visiting Parks With Friends

Perth has many parks that are also great places to visit with friends. Some of the most popular ones include visiting Kings Park, which includes more than 400 hectares (about 1000 acres) and many gardens and trails; visiting Wellington Square where you can see a variety of sculptures by well-known artists like Henry Moore or Carl Milles; visiting Perth Mints Botanical Gardens is another great option for visiting parks with friends.

There are many ways to plan a trip to Perth, but visiting famous places such as Kings Park is always one of the best ones!

Enjoy an Afternoon Walk on the Lotterywest Federation Walkway

Lotterywest Federation Walkway is a botanical garden that was opened in 2015 and features many sculptures such as the “Walking with Dinosaurs” one. The walkway is about three kilometers long (about two miles), so visiting it on a nice sunny day can be a great experience for everyone!

Other Things to Do in Perth

If visiting multiple tourist attractions in a day is too tiring, you can also relax and enjoy the views of nature. Some options include going on a Swan Valley tour where many wineries are located; visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, which includes more than 100 native animals including dingoes tigers or koalas; visiting Kings Park Botanic Gardens to see plants from around the world. Contact Perth Coach Company for your perfect Perth tours with friends.


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