A call to action for all men

As men, we have a long history of fighting for things. Having a belief and standing up for it. We have fought for land, religion, peace, equality and attention.

As men — fathers, sons, brothers, partners and friends — we have a new cause to fight for — our health.

Face it, we men don’t look after ourselves. Sadly, five of us die each hour from preventable conditions. That could be our fathers, our friends or sons. You may have already experienced the premature death of someone close to you through heart disease, depression or other preventable conditions.

It is time for this to stop.

The M5 Project is not about money. It is not about research. It is not even about a medical cure. It is about our minds. Changing our thinking to say “I believe in my health”. To get it through to our subconscious that it is OK to talk about health with our mates, and important to know and trust a local doctor to look out for us.

Our relationships with our friends and family are just so valuable. We owe it to them to look after our health — and help others see how they can take just five preventative steps. The M5 Project is a movement. A diverse group of people, like you, focused on ensuring men live long and rich lives. All they need is a little bit of knowledge and direction from a mate who cares.

Men can get involved in many ways in The M5 Project — maybe placing an M5 poster in a public space, directing someone to the web site, or chatting with a mate.

Our goal is to decrease five preventable deaths an hour, to zero.

We know it is a huge goal. Some may say it is impossible.

The more people that get involved with The M5 Project, the more effective it will be.

Please take five minutes to get involved and let’s get the momentum going.